• What to Teach Kids by Middle School

    Ideally, financial education should start at a very early age. By middle school, kids often begin earning money from allowances, babysitting and other odd jobs, so it’s crucial that families […]

  • Personal Information Safety Tips

    Identity theft has become an unfortunate fact of life in our society, and as one might expect, financial institutions and their members are natural targets. While Clearview is always taking […]

  • Recent Events – Latrobe & Pitt

    At Clearview, we love participating in events and programs benefiting the Southwestern Pennsylvania community. Last week, we were happy to be a part of two exciting events going on in the […]

  • Financial Spring Cleaning (Quiz)

    Part of spring cleaning can include organizing and “cleaning up” your finances as well. Tax season is complete, there’s a break in major holiday shopping, and it can be a […]

Millennials and Money - Generational Research from CUNA & TruStage - Clearview Federal Credit Union

Millennials and Money

People talk a lot about the similarities and differences between today’s generations, and the Millennial generation is one segment that is often hard to define, partly because members of this […]