How Are Your Online Accounts Connected?

With so much of our day-to-day lives managed online, it’s easy to forget exactly how much of your personal info can be out there.

You may think that cyber-criminals would never find your data appealing, but we’re here to show you otherwise.

Infographic that shows how much data can be found from each of your online accounts.

The infographic above shows you exactly how much of your personal information is present on the various online accounts you may have. You may not even realize what’s available to potential cyber-criminals with the accounts in the first place!

For example:

  • Your email holds a wealth of crucial information about all of your accounts, plus confidential information about your work and personal life.
  • Your social media profiles showcase details about your preferences, your friends and family, the places you’ve been, etc.
  • Your Amazon account details your buying habits, your buying wish lists, your shipping address, and (potentially) even your credit card details.

The list goes on from there.

Before you start to believe your data isn’t valuable, think back to that infographic above. There’s a ton of data in your online accounts that cyber-criminals would be able to profit from, so make sure you keep your accounts protected.

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